There are a number of ways that you can connect with the film:



For Educators and Institutions

If you would like to purchase a DVD or a streaming license for use in a classroom, library, or community organization, please click the links below.

Host a Screening

For Universities, Healthcare Institutions

and Conferences

We are currently offering both Synchronous and Asynchronous virtual screenings with Q&A sessions with the filmmaking team and global health experts.

  • Synchronous Screenings are two hours total:

(90 Min film and 30 Min Q&A)

  • Asynchronous Screenings are watched over a three day period of your choosing and paired with a Q&A: 

(90 minutes film on your own and 45 minute synchronous Q&A)


Learn in Class

For Educators, Schools & Universities

We offer a 75 minute Interactive class using the film and

The UN Sustainable Development Goals to discuss global health inequities. 


Take Action

Email us to connect if your are interested in learning about how to use the film to take action for children with cancer.