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Screenings and Impact

The film’s Global Impact Team leverages the documentary for discussions around health equity and global childhood cancer.

How I Live has had a dynamic journey,  screening at film festivals, at universities & medical schools and as part of global childhood cancer policy initiatives. 

The film’s policy impact journey began at The United Nations General Assembly and has gone on to screen as part of The World Health Organizations’ Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer.

The film was employed as part of a workshop to catalyze the development of the National Pediatric Cancer Plans in the Central America/ PAHO Region, and recently our Global Impact Team was featured in the special edition of Pan American Journal of Public Health on Childhood Cancer. See the full recoding of the webinar here. 

Policy & Impact Screenings

  • International Childhood Cancer Day. World Health Organization – Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, 2021

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer, Philippines National Workshop on the Childhood Cancer Control Programme, Manila, Philippines 2019 

  • WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer, Myanmar National Workshop on the Childhood Cancer Control Programme, Yangon, Myanmar 2019 

  • WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer, Peru National Workshop on the Childhood Cancer Control Programme, Lima, Peru 2019

  • United Nations General Assembly ‘Ensuring a Right to Cure: World Health Organization Global Initiative in Childhood Cancer' 2018

Academic Screenings
& Ciriculum

  • Harvard Medical School Library, Countway Cinema, 2023

  • Global Health Tuesday, University of Wisconsin-Madison Global Health Institute, 2022

  • Pediatric Residency Global Health Noon Conference, Cohen Children's Medical Center of NY (CCMC), 2022

  • University of Arizona - College of Medicine - Tucson,  2021

  • Grand Rounds Presentation, The Hospital for SickKids, Toronto 2020

  • GW Women's Leadership Program, The George Washington University, 2020 & 2021

  • Tufts University, Global Health Interest Group, 2020

  • Harvard Medical SchoolPediatrics Interest Group and Global Oncology Young Professionals Alliance, Dec 2020

  • Northeastern University College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dec 2020

  • Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Global Oncology Student Interest Group, 2020


  • DUKE National University of Singapore, Singapore  2019

  • University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh 2018

 Film Festivals & Conferences 


  • Poppy Jasper Film Festival, California, 2021

  • MENA, Middle East Studies Association Film Festival, Washington DC 2021

  • Symi Film Festival, Greece 2021

  • Chambal International Film Festival, Chambal, India 2020 **WINNER - BEST DIRECTOR** 

  • Fish Eye Film Festival, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain 2020 **WINNER - BEST FEATURE FILM***

  • Health for All Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland 2020 

  • CINE Austral Film Festival, Argentina 2020

  • Enfoque Film Festival , Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 2020

  • Whistleblower Film Festival, Washington DC 2020

  • Shalin Lui Performing Arts Center, Rockport, MA 2020

  • AAPM CONFERENCE (American Association of Physicists in Medicine), Vancouver, Canada 2020 

  • AHOPCA, Antigua, Guatemala 2020 

  • SIOP Africa, Cairo, Egypt 2019 

  • SLAOP, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2019


  • SIOP, Lyon, France SIOP Lyon, France 2019 

  • SIOP Kyoto, Japan, The Lancet Commision 2018

  • Global Health Catalyst, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 2018

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