The resilience shown by the children, as well as their parents and caregivers, is truly inspirational. How I Live is realistic and thought-provoking, and it will hopefully spur policymakers, clinicians, and activists
into action—by showing that through international collaboration and innovation, cancer treatment facilities can dramatically improve survival outcomes and inspire communities to tackle a once unbeatable foe.

~The Lancet (Link to full review)

"Looking at all the inequities related to childhood cancer seen in the film, I realized that it was very important to start working to change the system. The faces of those kids from the film were the same faces I have been seeing in my country." 

~ Liliana Vásquez - Vice President  SLAOP Sociedad Latino Americana de Oncología Pediátrica, Pediatric Oncologist, Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins -Essalud, Lima-Peru 


"This was an amazing film, very poignant and eye-opening. Thank you for broadening my understanding of the challenges of cancer treatment in children in developing countries. I had known in theory that access to care would be difficult for these patients/families. However, this film allowed me to SEE "a day in the life" of this, and allowed me to "live" it with these families and see their genuine journey."

From the audience at The Hospital for Sick Kids Toronto


"This was an amazing documentary and I'm so glad the filmmakers were willing to share it with us. It was eye-opening, devastating and inspiring to work hard all at the same time."

~ From the audience at The Hospital for Sick Kids Toronto

As part of our post-film survey, we are asking audiences to share one word to describe their feelings and emotions after watching the documentary. These are our initial responses from AHOPCA 2020 in Guatemala.